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NS Reizigers - Utrecht (Dutch Railways)
Supporting the management of the new IT/IS department for the NS Reizigers Business Unit, IT Operations. In a series of assignments, worked on the following: analysing total spend and supplier contracts and setting up a Savings programme; helping to set up the Contract – and Supplier management function; moving on to setting up and executing the programme to define internal processes for IT Operations as a whole, working closely with the management team and an internal management consultant; taking part in workshops and group discussions related to setting op an NS Shared Service Centre (in the context of managing the relation with decentral ICT units like ours); setting up Project Portfolio Management basics for the Information and Architecture team.
Computerwacht - Alphen a/d Rijn
Management advice to board of owners on optimising internal processes in an environment with many different direct IT customers and its own sales and support organisation. Coaching of staff in new ways of working.
KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) - The Hague
Advice on the conditions and steps necessary to implement and improve operational Service Management processes at KPN Newtel Essence On Line. This part of KPN delivers intelligent solutions for mass communication by phone, email and on line. Our analysis comprised both the internal processes across the Newtel On Line product and services portfolio, and the customer contact chain throughout KPN as a whole.
TomTom International and TomTom Sales - Amsterdam
Designing and managing a program to drive quality and efficiency for the handling of RMA’s (reverse logistics for repairs) in the TomTom international call center environment, both for end customers and retailers. The projects in the program are calculated to lead to substantial savings, in Europe and abroad and are mainly executed with internal TomTom staff.
Bitbrains IT Services - Amstelveen
Developing the company vision and strategy for 2007 - 2010, determining the company focus, growth targets and core message.
Securitas Direct - Neder-over-Heembeek (Brussels)
Analysis of situation after merger of two national organizations into one in Brussels. Restructuring the Operations department in Brussels (alarm room, IT and IS, customer service, technical maintenance and installations). Organisational blueprint, job definitions and job descriptions. Ensuring adoption of project methodology. Construct and manage a Programme Management process.
Getronics PinkRoccade Marketing & Portfolio - Nieuwegein
Writing up the strategy for 'The High Performance Workspace'.
Getronics PinkRoccade Professional Services & Consulting - Zoetermeer
Ensuring correct implementation and launch of a solution for large-scale migrations for the MS Vista/office platform.
Getronics PinkRoccade Professional Services & Consulting - Zoetermeer
Realising an effective Go To Market strategy in a product oriented business development unit.
Emeritor/EIMD - Nieuwkoop/Monnickendam
Commercial approach and sales for the E-MBA in Procurement.
Securitas Aroundio - Malmö
Ensuring that the English language user manual for a new product is in line with the requirements for clarity, grammar and spelling, correct usage and user friendliness.
TopTicketLine - Schiphol-Rijk
Analysis of communication flows, advice on CRM tooling and support in selecting products and suppliers.
AEGON - The Hague
Second opinion on the quality of an important IT outsourcing contract (BPO).
KPN - Royal Dutch Telecom - The Hague
Innovate the traditional incumbent service Collect Call, for example by opening up this service to the mobile network. Also: commissioning the commercial campaigns for this service in 2004 - 2005.
KPN - Royal Dutch Telecom - The Hague
Setting up a European partnership with an American CRM supplier and marketing this Customer Care/knowledge application as a new concept, ASP, for KPN.
KPN - Royal Dutch Telecom - The Hague
Setting up and managing a 24 by 7 network management unit, inclusive of constructing the SLA contract model for complex underlying supplier constructions.
Shell International - London
Migration to a new pc platform for all user groups in Shell Centre.
Logica SA - Rotterdam
Head of Internal IT.


Municipality of Rotterdam - Rotterdam
For the Municipality of Rotterdam we have been doing a number of projects and assignments over a two year period. Please refer to the Dutch Language section of this web site for more details on the municipal departments we worked for. We have handled larger and smaller projects, both legislative and IT/IS related, working mainly with a number of large departments (or sections) inside the municipality. Such as: the Port Authority, and departments responsible for the City Architecture and Urban Development and for the execution of Municipal Works (roads, bridges, et cetera) and other Urban Projects. Sometimes these projects involved parties in central government. For one-and-a half year one of us fulfilled an interim management position inside the IT/IS department of the dS+V department.
Cooperative Society for Property Management “Tuinstad Daal en Berg b.a.” - The Hague
Setting up the private membership structure for a monumental property, privatising some 50% of the property of this corporation.
PWN (Water Board Company for the province of Northern Holland region) - Velserbroek
IT manager a.i. for this organization.
Waterschap Delfland (District Water Board Delfland) - Delft
Assisting this organization in determining the requirements for outsourcing their call center activities.
Erasmus University and Ernst & Young - Rotterdam
Programme Manager ´Institute for ICT Leadership'.
Dutch Foundation of Process Innovation (Nederlandse Stichting BedrijfsProces Innovatie) - The Hague
Consultancy for setting up this Foundation. The NS BPI stimulates co-operation between entrepreneurs in India and The Netherlands.
The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
Advice on ITIL based tooling and processes for the Central IT Helpdesk.
Electrity and utilities company Rotterdam
Setting up unattended operations, problem management and change management.
Electrity and utilities company Amsterdam
Setting up the IT management organisation needed for outsourcing part of IT/IS.