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Swanson & De Vrueh delivers tailor-made advice, executes management projects, ads management competences to existing management teams or fills management positions temporarily. Our customers tend to be large, often international, organizations.

Swanson & De Vrueh offers:
  • Sharp analysis across different business disciplines.
  • Creative Solutions.
  • Concrete, tangible points for improvement.
  • Practical recommendations.
  • Active planning and support for implementing improvements and innovations.
  • Active support for (re-) organizing and structuring organizations.
  • Coaching, project management and interim management if required.
Swanson & De Vrueh aims to help you realize the full potential of your organization. While working with you, we do not only look at spreadsheet figures or efficiency ratings, but are keen to look at your organization's core business, your aims, your specific market, your products and services and, last but certainly not least, your people.
The reason for this approach is that we hate doing the wrong things efficiently. Whether you run a publishing company or a production unit, we look at what really matters to you and what realities you are facing.