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Our approach
What we do for you is always tailored to your situation. We listen to you and your staff and work together with you to determine the actual situation. Together we then determine what needs to be done to maximize your success while, at the same time, creating (or maintaining) an environment in which your staff remains motivated throughout. Our ultimate goal is for each of your team members to realize their full potential, while achieving shared business aims.
After we agree about the situation at hand, we set goals, together with you. These can be goals concerning your organization as a whole, or specific goals for a department or even the delivery of one product or service. Sometimes what needs to be done is perfectly clear at the outset. The only thing is: who can do the job?

What to expect from us
We are not a lofty consultancy firm with all talk and no action. Neither are we just a set of extra hands for simple projects. We help you make choices if you want us to, we support your choices and we can fill in for some missing competences in your management team. Our aim will always be to help you optimize your organization.

Objective analysis of your business strategy and position in the market
We will thoroughly scan your Strategy, Goals, Management approach, Culture, competences - and move on to deliver a rough picture of your strengths and weaknesses in departments like Operations, HR, Finance, IT/IS, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Communication, projects, programmes, cetera. Whatever is the scope.

Practical insight in your processes and the way your business is managed
We see how different disciplines and processes are intertwined and can help you improve specific procedures or issues. We do this in a concrete and practical manner. Without going into all kinds of jargon, we try to bring back matters to their essence and suggest solutions. It is our challenge to make complex matters transparent and manageable.

A high level of expertise in the organizational side of IT and IS
It is almost impossible nowadays to change things in organizations without IT and IS matters playing some part in the process. Fortunately Swanson & De Vrueh has a firm background in IT and IS. This enables us to help you organize and manage your IT department and to support you to make the right IT and IS choices. Although we have our preferences, our independence is your guarantee that we do this objectively. We know what outsourcing entails and can help you manage this type of deal. What we do not do, is to determine your technical architecture for you. We can, however, if you want, find people who have real expertise in this area.

Experience in Product Development and starting up organizations
If you really want something and go about things intelligently, you can achieve it. But what obstacles are there to be taken out of your way? Things will always be different in reality from how they were in the Business Case. The process of innovation and change can be a tough one. Only once you've started, you'll meet the customers' and your own limitations. Never mind, we've been there and are happy to help out.

Better service and communication for your customers
By looking at your products and services from the customer perspective you can optimize these too. This is often easier said than done. What are you really offering to your customers? How is this perceived? What messages are you emitting via your customer service department and your market communication? Are these messages consistent with your goals and will they help you realize your organization's full potential? Together we look at matters like your portfolio definition, your web site and your customer service.

Motivated people doing what they are best at
We like to look at people as human beings, not just human resources. Acceptance and enthusiasm are important in any organization. We can help you communicate your goals and any related changes in the organization. We can structure the way people's roles link together, make sure jobs are defined well and, more importantly, match the competences people have in the light of organizational aims. We can help people adjust to new roles by one- on- one practical coaching.